What to Do with Your First Homegrown Tomatoes

ingredients for Pane Pomodoro
ingredients for Pane Pomodoro

Years ago I worked at Scottsdale Farms Nursery in Milton, owned by Luca Gianturco.  One day I saw Luca’s mother, Rita, making this sandwich and, overwhelmed by curiosity at something that looked so simple and delicious, I went home that day and made it for myself.

The following is exactly how I saw it done by Rita.

Pane Pomodoro

  • 1 Publix brand French/Italian bread (or good quality bread)
  • several good in season tomatoes
  • freshly picked basil
  • high quality olive oil
  • kosher salt

Split open top of bread and tear out inside of loaf.  Set torn pieces of bread aside.  Roughly chop 2-3 or more freshly picked tomatoes fresh from the vine.  Toss the bread with the chopped tomatoes and add torn pieces of basil fresh from the garden and place back in French bread loaf.

Pour a liberal amount of excellent quality olive oil over all.  Add some more pieces of freshly torn basil and sprinkle kosher salt over all.

This is a recipe that is completely dependent upon the highest quality ingredients:  the bread, garden tomatoes, freshly picked basil and good quality olive oil.  If you indulge in these ingredients, you will never forget this sandwich!



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