Great Food at Alpharetta’s Food Truck Alley

Food Truck Alley in Alpharetta has great food.
Food Truck Alley in Alpharetta has great food.

Long about 2008, the nation-wide food truck phenomenon was born.  It arrived in Atlanta in dribbles and drips around 2011-ish.

Although Mayor Belle Isle “underestimated its appeal” (so says the Alpharetta Neighbor) food trucks are in Alpharetta now too, thanks to the creative genius of the city of Alpharetta’s Special Events Department.  The Mayor and Council deserve some credit for allowing the permitting, which can be rigorous where food trucks are concerned. But, credit is mainly due to the eagle eyes and intuition of the Special Events staff who saw something good going on elsewhere (the city of Smyrna was one of the first to promote food trucks OTP) and brought it forward.

There is a lot to like about the creativity of some food trucks: Yumbi’s “Asian Stir Fry Beef Taco”,  Ibiza Bites “Lobster Mac and Cheese” to name a few. In fact, I’d be willing to say that food truck food creativity has impacted the menu’s of brick and mortar restaurants every bit as much as the movement to eat locally grown food.IMG_4776

There is also something to be said about the location of food trucks, which are at least somewhat dependent upon outside ambiance – rain kills it, after all.   To find a food truck near a shady spot that’s walkable from your office is the recipe for a perfect lunch.  And, to have a row of food trucks in a choice location at dinner time is fairly great too.  Perhaps you can stroll there from your house and walk the dog while you’re at it.   The key word there is “stroll”:  think leisurely.  To rush to drive to the food trucks, fight for a parking spot, and then fight the crowds on a sweltering summer evening is probably the downside to it all.  We live in the South, not the coast of Marseille.

If you haven’t tried them yet, please do so, even on a sweltering summer evening.  Alpharetta’s Food Truck Alley start April 16th and runs every Thursday throughout the summer. See this link for more details.

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