Development Interests Backing Candidate Dan Merkel

Letter to the Editor:

The apartment bonanza is still going full steam ahead despite citizen uproar; an uproar that Alpharetta’s City Council has ignored.

Many citizens spoke in opposition when City Council approved 250 apartments at Avalon, and again spoke out two years later when City Council approved another 276 apartments before any apartments had been rented.

The folks in Academy Park spoke in opposition to the 168-unit, four story apartments that City Council approved to be built 110 feet from the new City Hall.   City Council also sold part of the new Town Green to a developer for restaurants, and allowed the developer to take down a beautiful old oak tree to build a parking lot.  

Folks from in and around Harrington Falls filled City Hall to oppose the small lots in a proposed residential development.  Their fury was not felt by the City Councilmen who approved everything the developer wanted.  A few months later the Mayor moved into the largest, most secluded lot in the community. 

And now, a developer has applied for 414 apartments at Haynes Bridge and Ga. 400.

There is someone else who has been completely silent about these unbridled re-zoning approvals – City Council Candidate Dan Merkel.  In fact, an inordinate amount of special interests in land development, construction and real estate are funding Merkel’s City Council campaign

In his June 30th campaign contribution disclosure, Dan Merkel disclosed $20,450 in contributions from sources listed in the attachment below. More than 75% of the contributors do not live in Alpharetta, not counting the Merkel family and small contributions where the source is unknown.

At this time, Dan Merkel is running unopposed. The deadline to file paperwork to run is September 2nd. Will anyone run for this City Council seat? Good government happens when we elect people who have a strong record of supporting the citizens and the Comprehensive Plan. —  See this link:   Merkel Campaign Contributions Table

A resident of Alpharetta 


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