City of Alpharetta Employees the Finest Anywhere

Mr._Smiley_Face.svgRecently, a certain Councilman complained that I complain too much about what’s wrong with the city.  “It can’t be all that bad.” he said.   “Things are looking good for our city, I would love for you to look at all the positives and sometimes write about them as well as your concerns.”

Councilman X has a good point when it comes to looking at the positives.  Whether or not my positives are his positives is another question, but I won’t digress that direction.

In any case, in the spirit of being positive, and since it is Labor Day, there is a positive I want to write about – City Staff.

Now, I didn’t just pull that out of a hat.  Anyone who has heard me talk about Alpharetta at all knows that I praise the city staff up and down and have for years.  This is because I had opportunity to deal with city staff  for years and years.  And I don’t just mean the Departments that were involved with my civic projects – Recreation and Parks, Community Development and EPW.   I also mean police, fire, the folks down at City Hall, the folks in Finance.  Wait.  Let me stop because I really do mean ALL of city staff.  I should also say that I mean those who are currently still working with the city of Alpharetta and those who have moved on to other jobs.

The city of Alpharetta has some of the finest people working for it that I’ve met anywhere.  These are people who are courteous, completely helpful, and take their job very seriously. They really care about the city of Alpharetta.  And interestingly, only a few of the folks that I’ve known actually live in Alpharetta.  Most live elsewhere, but they care about Alpharetta as if it were their hometown.

I think the quality of these city employees is a credit due to Bob Regas, City Manager, who evidently hires solid people.

Residents of Alpharetta are incredibly fortunate to have such quality municipal governmental personnel on their side and working for them.

This is from my heart – Thank you city of Alpharetta employees.

Happy Labor Day!




5 Replies to “City of Alpharetta Employees the Finest Anywhere”

  1. Agree completely. I have been in Alpharetta less than two years but have been impressed with every interaction with city employees. Helpful, know their jobs and so very pleasant. Thank you for writing about them. Happy Labor Day all.

  2. And it must be contagious…the niceness of Alpharetta City employees rubs off on Fulton County employees working in the Alpharetta area. I’m talking about the tag office people near North Point Mall. I used to live in Dekalb County, and I always dreaded dreaded going into the tag office there. Up here I find the personnel totally different…patient, helpful.

  3. I also agree. Fire department and police are by far the BEST in the country. Staff and Wills Park and Rec Centers AWESOME!! True civil servants!!

    City council…meh…too arrogant and too focused on lining pockets. Downtown is looking better but I give that credit to tax payers and citizens who voted with their dollars and those that keep fighting to make the city special. Council member are now just taking advantage of the people’s desire to build a great city for personal gain.

  4. I also think it’s funny that council complained about your complaints. Again AROGANCE. True civil servants would address the publics concern head on!!! Shame!

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