Gaming: Black Ops 3 Beta Impressions

Another year, another Call of Duty. As you may be aware, the multiplayer beta for this year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 ended last week. It was quite popular actually, becoming Playstation 4’s all-time most played beta. So it goes without saying you might already be familiar with it. For those who missed out, however, and want to know what the latest CoD has in store for you, worry not, for I have the answers to all the important questions.

So what’s different this time?

A lot actually. The gameplay is very three dimensional — that is, people are constantly up in the air, leaping over your head, and sliding through doorways. The days of CoD being about grounded gameplay appear to be gone.

So like last year’s Advanced Warfare?

Yes and no. The double jumping in Black Ops 3 is much more floaty. It feels a lot closer to Destiny in that regard. The sliding mechanic also feels closer to its incarnation from Black Ops 2 than Advanced Warfare. There is also wall running.

Wall running? Like Titanfall?

Yes, but slower and clunkier, and the maps aren’t built around wall running, they simply support it.

Okay, what else is new?

Well, there are classes, each with their own special ability that activates on a timer.

So… like Destiny?

Pretty much, but there’s more than just three classes to choose from.

Here's what just three of the classes from the beta look like.
Here’s what just three of the classes from the beta look like.







Sounds like this game take’s a lot from other titles. Does it even feel like Call of Duty anymore?

Its is unmistakably still a Call of Duty game. The gunplay and the maps retain that distinctive CoD feel. Also, for those who remember it, the pick ten system from Black Ops 2 is back as well.

Any word on the prestige system?

Nope, you couldn’t prestige in the beta. But according to a tweet from the game’s director, there will be ten prestiges in the final game, as well as a little “something special”.

CoD BO3 Prestige Tweet







I play on PC. How did it run?

Well first and foremost it was a beta. So you have to take performance on these with a grain of salt as it represents an unfinished product. That said, at 1080p it ran well enough framerate wise on max settings with a GTX 970. However, it did crash quite frequently, even in undemanding situations like the post game screen. Hopefully that gets fixed in the final release.

Based on your experience with the beta, would you buy the full game in November?

I have played CoD games yearly since Call of Duty 4 was released back in 2007. They have admittedly lost their luster a bit. In fact, the last one I sank any significant amount of time into was Black Ops 2 several years ago. So I don’t plan on picking this up on release.

So you didn’t like it?

I actually did like it. The game is fun, and I liked the beta alone better than both Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. It’s just not worth the $60 asking price for me. Personally, $30 or $40 during a holiday sale seems about right for this one.

Hopefully that covers the most important questions you may have. Again, these are just beta impressions. Bear in mind there is still a whole singleplayer campaign to be revealed, not to mention zombies which is always a ton of fun. We will certainly learn more as we get closer to November.

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