Coisas do Brasil

IMG_6508I’m determined to search out all the lesser known but fabulous places to eat in Alpharetta.  I’ll leave no stone unturned.

My search has led me into a lot of eateries…some of which I’ll mention here and some of which I will forget about for the benefit of all of us.

But the really good places deserve some attention and one of those is Coisas do Brazil at 4055 Old Milton Parkway in the same strip shopping center that features Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse.

Coisas do Brasil is Brazilian supermarket, butchery, bakery and place for lunch.  I took the recommendation of one of the employees and bought several lunch items from the case – like the Pamonha.  I was assured this is not a tamale.  It is a kind of paste made of corn and milk (sometimes coconut milk) that might be filled, and is then wrapped in corn husks.  The employee recommended the Pamonha with the cheese and sausage.  I had it for dinner, reheated in the microwave and found it to be way better than a tamale.  There is no comparison.  IMG_6527

In the same ‘savory’ case as the Pamonha was the Pastel, which is a kind of beef filled fried pastry pie.  I’ve had a lot of hand held beef pies, but this was the best I’ve ever had.

IMG_6528The Quibe I purchased is a kind of deep fried croquette, typically stuffed with requeijão.  This one included tomato, maybe beef.  It was not my favorite of the things I purchased, but all-right.

Coxinha is meat or fish covered in a dough and deep fried into a kind of chicken leg shape.   Coisas do Brasil has one filled with cod.  This was good cold.  It would have been excellent warm.

IMG_6532I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but I made my way over to the sweets case and bought 2 Brigadiero which are little balls made of chocolate, butter, condensed milk and sprinkles and  then cooked.  These were outstanding, even for someone like me who is generally not a fan of rich desserts.   In addition, I bought a slice of a cake filled with guava.  I purchased a kind of pudding that was made with guava (outstanding!) and a piece of Brazilian carrot cake.  In Brazil, this cake is covered with a thin chocolate sauce.  I brought this to my mom who is recently back from hip surgery.  She assured me it was excellent.

This place is a little piece of heaven, with everything homemade by the owner/baker/chef.  Please take my advice and visit!  I plan to make regular trips from now on.



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