Restaurants: RaceTrac Across from Avalon

OK.  It’s not a restaurant.  But after all the RaceTrac slamming from the corporate suits at Chick-fil-A down at Alpharetta City Hall a few weeks ago,  I’m feeling like someone around here needs to take up for the RaceTrac.  There sits RaceTrac, all shiny and new and doing its job – and these suits step in and say: “Ha! – The only fast food you’ve got at that intersection is a RaceTrac! Ha”!  (sideways glance, roll of eyes, smirk).  Dang it. This is what makes Alpharetta look snobby people!  And rating number 4 on the latest “snobbiest places in Georgia” is NOT something to be proud of!

But here’s the deal, Chick-fil-A corporate, RaceTrac has you beat by a wide margin when it comes to ease of access in and out and going all directions from that intersection.  And not only can I get in and out easily, but while I’m there, I can fill my tank, use the rest room, AND….

I have at least 9+ coffees to choose from every morning.
Choose from 9+ coffees
You have a variety of slushy's to choose from and ANY soda you want!
Get ANY slushy flavor or soda I want!
You can get sausages for lunch.
Eat one of these sausages…
And these fried things that roll around on these rolling pins - cause fried is always tasty.
Eat one of these fried things that roll around on those rolling pins – cause fried is always tasty.
Frozen yogurt! With a variety of toppings!
I can have a frozen yogurt.  With toppings.
And if you need to sit down and rest your feet a minute - you can do that.
And if I need to sit down and rest my feet a minute – I can do that.


And last but not least, I can get a lottery ticket while I’m there.  Try matching that Chick-fil-A.   Word.




4 Replies to “Restaurants: RaceTrac Across from Avalon”

  1. The only thing I want to experience at ANY gas station is reasonably priced gasoline and a clean interior. This RaceTrac delivers both. When I have friends come up from midtown they are amazed at how much cheaper the gas is (than in midtown). Score 1 Alpharetta.

  2. I, too, thought the RaceTrac bashing was excessive and in poor taste. I rarely go in for food/drinks, but I utilize this RaceTrac (and the new QT at Morris/Old Milton) because they are far more convenient for my typical traffic routing and often cut a couple of miles of driving for me.

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