City Council Meeting Highlights with Only a Few Snarky Comments

Your City Council has been busy, Alpharetta.  And you’d better sit up and pay attention or anything could happen.  Anything – as Donald Trump has proven at the national level.  And true, I’m no Trump fan, but let’s say you are and “Anything” happening at a local level would be “Something” good in your book.  All the more reason to pay attention cause you’ll not want to miss it!  You’ll want to be there for all the hyperbole, pontification and perhaps even action.

At the Monday, March 21 meeting of Alpharetta City Council, Fulton County School Board representatives were present and shared with Council their vision for the school system, but more specifically the old Milton High School site, aka the Milton Center.  And even more specifically than that, they shared the fact that they are ready for the old Future Farmers of America Log Cabin to be gone.  Now, this was not new news to anyone, only officially put forth at a Council meeting.  Indeed, the evening included a rather lengthy amount of time devoted to the question of where to put the FFA Log Cabin, should it be acquired and moved somewhere within the city.   The potential cost to move the cabin is estimated to be around $200,000.00.  Proposed sites were discussed with one particular site leading the list:  Wills Park, just beyond Field A and west of the Dog Park. I, for one, want to issue the warning that this site has been known to have a baseball or two fly through it.  My own son has hit one or two that direction.

Much more on this to come, but local Councilmen seem very optimistic and positive about the acquisition and re-location of the Log Cabin.

Mid-City Partners will be presenting at City Hall, April 18th, their plans for City Center.  We really all must be there to hear more about how they are going to desecrate the southern red oak and build apartments in front of City Hall.  My pessimism un-checked and un-filtered now behind me….Please come and hear all the fine plans for the new restaurants, shops and living quarters.

On a lighter note, Councilman Dan Merkel got right down to business in his new office by proposing a change in the start of meeting times of City Council from 7:30 to 6:30.  A resident of Alpharetta got up to oppose the idea, saying it would be hard to get to a 6:30  meeting on time.  Discussion went back and forth but the motion was approved 6:1.

There was some discussion about the re-surfacing of roads.  Too bad you weren’t there because I’m not going to tell you what very important road is about to be re-surfaced.  You’re going to have to go watch the video of the Council meeting to figure it out or even contact a City Council person. I’m using this as a teaching experience for you readers who haven’t gotten involved with your local government to find out how it works.  (“How do I reach these kids?!” she says in her Cartman voice).

It was announced that Monday evening, March 28th, the Alpharetta Development Authority will hold a special 5:00 meeting at City Hall to discuss the Conference Center at Avalon; specifically the intergovernmental contract and conference center lease and the issuance of bonds.  The City Council meeting to take place later at 7:30 will include a resolution for approval of the contract.  Please note that this is a public hearing.

I find a certain solace and balance in local civic matters and politics these days, whether that be Alpharetta’s, or Milton’s or some other north Fulton city.  The national political scene is very rocky at present.  I’ve not seen anything like it.  Me – I voted for Kasich in the primary.  But it’s un-likely he will get the nomination.  So, who will I be left to choose between?

Of course, no one seems to want to be an Alpharetta politician these days…at least Merkel and Binder running un-opposed seems to suggest this.

What a contrast.  What a crazy world.







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