Alpharetta Mayor Negative at TSPLOST Project Discussion

Below are the preliminary and draft-form T-SPLOST projects for Alpharetta that were presented by Taylor Wright of Atkins Engineering Consultants at last Monday’s City Council meeting.  Unlike other news sources, I am printing the projects specific only to Alpharetta.

As others have pointed out, some on Alpharetta City Council were less than thrilled with the list of projects, but those “some” were really only the Mayor and to a lesser extent, Mr. Gilvin.   Councilman Owens was put in a position of having to counter many of the Mayor’s oppositions as well as to explain how things would be handled in real-time with the Ga. DOT.

Twice, Mr. Belle Isle expressed opposition to improvements at McGinnis Ferry Road.  The Mayor spent a great deal of time talking about improvements to Ga. 400 at Holcomb Bridge Road – an area outside of Alpharetta’s boundaries. Mr. Belle Isle said he was “nervous” about any widening of Haynes Bridge Road.  And he did question why the Cricket Lane extension of Haynes Bridge Road in downtown Alpharetta, adjacent to City Center, was not on the list of non-regional projects.

This is an important discussion to watch as Alpharetta’s transportation issues both east and west of Ga. 400 are jaundicing to Alpharetta’s image and never fail to inspire cynical remarks from residents.

Tier 1 or projects that fit within 85% of the projected revenue of the TSPLOST: 

  • Haynes Bridge Road widening
  • McGinnis Ferry Road capacity project
  • Windward Parkway widening
  • Academy St and Webb Bridge Road bike/pedestrian operational improvements
  • Old Milton Parkway widening
  • Morris Road widening
  • Bethany Road at Mayfield Road intersection
  • Bethany Road at Mid-Broadwell Rd. intersection
  • Kimball Bridge Road operational improvements

Tier 2 or projects that fit within 85-100% of the projected revenue of the TSPLOST:

  • Adaptive traffic signals
  • Sidewalks
  • Milling/re-surfacing
  • Debt service

Tier 3 or projects that are added if revenues from TSPLOST exceed 100% of projections

  • Academy St. Webb Bridge Road:  Ga. 400 bridge
  • Kimball bike/pedestrian:  Ga. 400 bridge
  • Commuter bike corridor


4 Replies to “Alpharetta Mayor Negative at TSPLOST Project Discussion”

  1. I don’t know the exact nature of the improvements for McGinnis Ferry, but they are unquestionably needed. Perhaps Belle Isle should actually drive east of 400 and visit that side of the city (it really does exist, David!).

  2. When they reference widening Haynes Bridge, Old Milton and Windward Pkwy are we talking about adding driving lanes or widening the right of way for sidewalks or bike lanes?

    1. That is a question for any of your City Councilmen. They are elected to serve so feel free to go to the city website, get their city e-mail addresses. I am sure whoever you address your questions to will answer your questions promptly.

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