City Wants Separate Design Review Committee for Downtown

As I wrote earlier, last week’s Planning Commission meeting was the site of some really interesting discussions, like making MU zonings available to more than just 25+ acre parcels. The city would like 10-25 acre parcels to be a category for MU, as well as 10 acre parcels.  Wow.  That’s a lot of Mixed Use Development

I’ve consistently been a voice AGAINST Mixed Use zoning.  I believe that time will bear out that I am correct in my prognostications.  If you will recall, I have also been vocal that metro Atlanta rents are too high and would by necessity have to come down.  And what headline did I read today in the Atlanta Business Chronicle?  This: “Atlanta Sees No. 9 Biggest April to May Rent Drop in the United States.”

Can you say “overbuilt”?

And then, there’s this:  After I watched the video of Planning Commission regarding the changes to the CLUP, I went on to watch a very interesting dialogue regarding a citizen board in Alpharetta known as the Design Review Board.  This Board has been chugging along for years now doing their job and making sure Alpharetta isn’t all hodgepodge, helter-skelter when it comes to signs, architectural details of buildings, and the like.  Well, it seems that city staff has been directed to seek approval for a separate design review committee IN ADDITION to the one that already exists – this one JUST for the downtown overlay district.  Downtown gets all kinds of attention these days.  Planning Commission voted “NO” to this proposal, but the matter will still appear before City Council.   Keep an eye on this one – something doesn’t seem quite right.




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  1. I can appreciate the presumed advantages and benefits of increased MU here in Alpharetta.
    But how much more of this type of development can our residents and current city infrastructure support?
    I fear at some point this glut of MU may just bite our awesome town in the keester.

    If you know, who directed the city staff to seek approval for the separate design review committee just for downtown?
    And then it was squashed by the Planning Commission?

    I strongly encourage the actual construction using true and genuine architectural components/materials and details for City Center and Downtown, not some cheap-looking, phony facades.

    Our “home town” deserves much better than that!

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