Alpharetta Beckons 3 Times: “Come to Council Meeting April 24”

I saw 3 tweets from the city of Alpharetta regarding the upcoming Monday, April 24, City Council meeting.  The effort to notify the public is much appreciated and it’s good to see the city use social media in this fashion.  Unfortunately, the live video feed of the meeting probably will malfunction – it quite often does.  So, there’s that.  One tweet said the meeting would be “packed with important topics and cases.”  I didn’t realize we referred to items as “cases”, which sounds rather Law and Order-ish, but A for Effort!

One item to be heard is the consideration of a joint agreement between Milton and Alpharetta to turn 3 parcels adjacent to Harrington Falls subdivision on Mayfield Road into park space.  These are beautiful acreage parcels – flat, and presumably buildable – and for that reason we are surprised they weren’t re-zoned and developed into single family residential units; but we aren’t going to complain.  Park space seems like a fantastic use of this property and evidently we should thank Mayor David Belle Isle (who incidentally lives near these properties) for his efforts to turn this into park space.  If only this generosity could extend to other parcels in Alpharetta.

It’s been since 2015 that we last wrote about the Metlife/Peridot property (now referred to by the applicant names, “TPAFuqua/Peridot”) at Haynes Bridge and 400 but this developer seems to have come a long way in their plans and will bring those plans to City Hall Monday night for approvals.

We do want to express a wee bit of compassion for the TPAFuqua/Peridot project developers because as everyone knows, they are slightly late out of the gate.  Other projects have barged out ahead of them and piled in their requests for apartments and etc. ahead of them and you know….you’re going to have a saturation point for things like “post industrial modern” apartments and just mixed use in general.

Which brings us to the above statement “we do want to express a wee bit of compassion for the TPAFuqua/Peridot project developers”.  Compassion?  For developers?  Hey.  Developers are people too. In fact, Mark Toro said it beautifully in a tweet that was included in a development update sent out by a local.  Toro said in the tweet, “We are in the real estate business.  We buy. We sell.”  That’s what they do – they buy, they sell.  Toro is stating a truth.   I may not like all the development in Alpharetta but Alpharetta is defined by local politicians and those that vote them into office.  And this Alpharetta is evidently very welcoming of local development.  And that’s who I take issue with.  My problem is not with the Joe’s out there trying to make a buck from being in the business of real estate development.   They’re trying to make money, same as me.  And as such, I will end with my quote from earlier this week.  “Bulls make money.  Bears make money.  Pigs get slaughtered.”  – That applies to real estate investors as well.



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