For what it’s worth mentioning, the TPAFuqua/Peridot list of conditions for approval will come before Council Monday evening, May 1, since it was deferred by the applicant last week.

For those of you who are interested in this situation, let me assure you they will more than likely get everything they are asking for.

And all this in an election year.

There’s an evil ant out there called the Asian Needle Ant.  Don’t know if you’ve ever seen them.  They are a non-native species and we really know very little about them.  They’re peculiar because they can’t climb. up the sides of a plastic bowl.  Therefore, when I worked around them I wore my slick boots because I knew they wouldn’t be able to climb up the boots and onto me.

Anyway, here’s the thing about the Asian Needle Ant. They don’t bite and cause immediate, stinging, pain.  They bite and the pain comes later.  And then again, later.  It tends to come in waves.  And it hurts.  A lot.

That’s what I predict the pain will be like from Alpharetta’s rush toward development under the Mayoral office of David Belle Isle.






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