Alpharetta is the Best and Only Place to Live!

Glorious Alpharetta.  It’s so changed.  And for the better.  There is more high-end housing,  more construction, more places to eat and shop, more traffic, more people.  More.

Many, if not most, attribute Mayor David Belle Isle to the glorification that is Alpharetta.  He came to the gate at the right time.  The economic climate was right and he grabbed the bull of government bureaucracy, fellow elected officials, city codes and apathetic voters by the horns, wrestled them to the ground and while he was holding it all down gave the go-ahead to the forces that be.  He may not have a reputation as a team-player but stubbornness counts for a lot in this world.  Some say Belle Isle might have had more nefarious forces behind him.  Hearsay.  And who cares!  He got it done!  He delivered a practically brand new, comfortingly same, pristine city.   And other cities want to emulate it – Franklin, Tennessee for instance. And why shouldn’t they?

Only in Alpharetta can you rest assured that everyone around you is pretty much the same as you, economically and professionally speaking.  Start-ups, Fortune 500, new, innovative, exciting – these words describe the businesses located in Alpharetta.   Being rich and successful is practically a requirement to live in Alpharetta.  Poor people made themselves poor by being stupid and lazy.  We all understand this (we just don’t say it).

Alpharetta certainly delivers on sameness when it comes to housing – the same expensive housing, that is!   No worries about “blighted” houses that sell way under the median house price in Alpharetta of $389,000!   Neighborhood covenants and city codes and your Mayor  have delivered you million dollar housing Alpharetta.  OK, well there is that one “token” neighborhood over there.  You know the one I mean.  But, no worries, they  have a plan for that.

If Alpharetta, at large, isn’t insular enough for you, it delivers on that as well.  At Avalon you can live in a city within a city.   Everything is perfect at Avalon.  The shopping, the food, the ice skating rink/lawn, the lightning speed internet, even the decor with it’s fictional “Spectre, Alabama” string lights.  Avalon is the real deal!

In Alpharetta you can eat and drink and party with everyone else who is exactly like you.  You can conspicuously drive your Tesla, wear your finest clothes and soon you will be able to flash your iPhone X .  No worries.  Belle Isle has delivered on this.

In Alpharetta things are so placid, there is not even the need to worry about local politics.  Everyone is great!  Local newspapers only fret that there is no candidate for local office worth vetting because they are all so wonderful.

Do you care about the environment?  Alpharetta’s got lots of environment.  Do you care about local history?  Alpharetta has a history too. What about arts and culture?  I’m pretty sure I saw a foreigner just the other day in Alpharetta.  And they were wearing a very colorful outfit.

All that glitters is gold.





6 Replies to “Alpharetta is the Best and Only Place to Live!”

  1. Sounds like you are pissed you didn’t buy in Alpharetta. You forgot to mention the low crime rate. Why don’t you go up to Avalon and sit awhile and you will see lots of diversity. Maybe you are just color blind and Indians from India don’t count or the black lawyer I spent the day with today. Oh thats right she does work hard, like 60 hrs a week and values living in a safe community.

    1. Hey Lisa. I bought in Alpharetta. Not pissed. The purpose of that article was to make you and other readers discern truth and lies. Glad you’ve found your truth. Alpharetta has a great Dept. of Public Safety. That’s no lie.

        1. Lisa, the older posts should all be there….Wordpress is my media structure and I did change the template of my blog at least temporarily so maybe this makes it harder to access old posts? Let me know if there is something you are looking for…

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