One Reply to “Easterling or Burnett?”

  1. Interested in your upcoming assessment. Can’t really tell which of the two is authentic. Received a Burnett flyer claiming he will fight for lower density and less apartments blah blah blah. Every council member claimed they would do this in the past and look where we are?

    Don’t know much about Easterling except he’s local and originally from Roswell. A quick look at his Facebook page didn’t reveal his intentions.

    Glad Mike Kennedy will be gone. He responded to a concern I had once in a Roots In Alpharetta post about pedestrian safety and he was a real jerk in how he handled the concern. No class in my opinion based on blogs interactions. Very old school 1980s condescending toward women in that he minimized my concern and basically implied I’m stupid. I’m sure he milked what he could from the city and is cashing out. Good riddance.

    Very sad that there are no women running for council. I love to see a regular working class mom run for council vs having more lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate guys. I do think there are women out there who truly do care about responsible urban development and would be a good voice for families.

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