The Council Race Between the Two Ben’s

Ben Easterling.  Ben Burnett.  A seat on City Council being vacated by Mike Kennedy.  Jim Gilvin produced a video endorsing Burnett.  David Belle Isle endorses Easterling.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but my own business interests in Alpharetta made me do some thinking on it.

Burnett claims to want to slow down density and development.  Yin needs yang.  Perhaps Alpharetta’s City Council would be more balanced with two potentially like-minded men such as Gilvin and Burnett.

Easterling has years and years of experience with the city by serving on the Recreation and Parks Commission.  I stood before Easterling and others on that Commission when I brought the idea of a community garden to the city. He, and they, saw the value in in, asked questions, and it ultimately moved to City Council.  (I’m sure all that is viewable somewhere on video).  So, I had a good experience with Mr. Easterling.  And even if I hadn’t, his years of experience on that Commission mean something.

Mr. Burnett doesn’t have those years of experience.  Mr. Easterling hasn’t been as vocal as Mr. Burnett on slowing down density.

The interesting thing about voting is that the absence of votes is an extremely powerful thing.  Alpharetta’s City Council has been elected by absence of votes as well as votes – this is not a city that is engaged with local politics.

May the best man win and may there be more women in local politics.


3 Replies to “The Council Race Between the Two Ben’s”

  1. It’s going to be a tough decision. Wish Easterling would have had some flyers and made statements on low density. Burnett has an IT background, but didn’t seem to say anything about jobs. I’m very concerned that McKesson doesn’t exist in Alpharetta anymore. They laid off many people over last few years and broke the technology business up into to little pieces and sold them off bit by bit. That’s a pretty major employer that is pretty much up in the air.

    I think our parks are great and if Easterling served on that commission, he did prove himself in my opinion if he pushed a community garden forward. I’m not an environmentalist (I’m more of a capitalist), but as a mom, I care about both jobs and green space; low density and smart and modern urban development.

    May have to flip a coin on this vote.

    1. Don’t leave it to the coin. Find one thing, if ever so small, that means more to you about one candidate over the other and stick with it.

      1. Just voted. Didn’t flip a coin and went with who I though was more credible. Thanks for reminding us to get out there and vote.

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